Build your FinTech
on the Blusalt

Blusalt is building a platform that would bring the future into the financial world,
backed by a banking-as-a-service API that would help companies explore bigger and better products.

We keep your experience simple. We Onboard
You into our Platform,
You Spend, You Receive, You Send or You Save.

Blusalt takes the
complexity out of FinTech.

We’ve got banking, payments, cards,
security, ops, risk & compliance
covered – you can focus on the building
the right experience.

Highly Configurable

Program config keeps features flexible, simple, modular. You decide what's right for your customers.

Bank-Grade Security

Encrypted storage with built-in atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID).

Dev Friendly

Blusalt's Dev Center offers API docs, SDKs, and other resources you need to build your money experience.

Fully Managed

Risk, Compliance, Ops, Support – we have it all covered for you, via The Blusalt Dashboard – Everyday of the year.

Start building with Blusalt

Whether you are automating your business finances, providing payment, banking or card issuance services to your customers, Blusalt APIs give you the embedded toolkit to build, adapt and thrive


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